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Woman are Not Small Men


I can hear you nodding your head in agreement but also wondering why I am stating the obvious.

For years, I have been following the latest nutrition and weight loss trends; keto, paleo, paleo-vegan(pegan), intermittent fasting, veganism, etc. I attend conferences and practitioner events where speakers expose the benefits of x,y,z. But in reality, I’m not to lie; I've tried them, I've put my female clients on them, and they don't work. They left me searching.

Why don’t they work? The studies/research undertaken is generally for overweight men who need to lose weight for surgery. The x, y, z diets but are not trialed on women. Women are what they call an anomaly; due to their hormones and menstrual cycle.



Yes, we have been submitting onto our bodies diets that are just not suitable for our physiology.

If you have not watched Dr Stacy Sim’s Ted X talk ‘WOMEN ARE NOT SMALL MEN’, follow this link. It is well worth your 15 minutes.

I started to go down this rabbit hole because I, too, have begun working with a coach. Even the naturopath needs coaching. I learned my most significant problem area: I was significantly undereating 1 major macronutrient, protein (there are 3 main macronutrients; protein, fat, and carbohydrates).

When I increased my protein intake, my energy increased, brain fog alleviated, I lost 6 cm around my waist in 2 weeks, translating into 2 belt notches. The composition of my body has begun to change. I eat more, am full for longer, and my cravings have decreased because my energy is consistent.

Imagine, all those results from one dietary change!

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Marisia Inger

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