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I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the summer holidays with my kids, family and friends. But all that holidaying has left me feeling a little well, bloated, unfit and in need of an overhaul of my lifestyle practices.

But let’s be completely honest who actually manages to stick to their health goals over this period?

Not me for sure…

So, for the next few weeks I’m going to share some tips (which will not include eating only 7 cookies a day, purple only foods for a week, come from a sachet, or a wonder diet) to undo the last 8 weeks of habits.

‘FATSO Gene’ is the nickname for the FTO gene SNP (pronounced snip)

I’ve had a DNA test, so I know that I have this genetic SNP. Research also shows that 40 % of the population has this SNP, so I’m not alone. I and others with the FATSO gene experience what is called low satiety, because we rarely feel full and this can result in overeating.

I could have told you I had FATSO without the tests. Because put simply when I’m out for dinner with friends or family, and we have something particularly delicious, I can easily go for seconds, and wonder at others self control. Or when I’m out having any kind of snack with a friend who will actually stop after a few bites and go that’s enough for me. Whilst I’ll eat all mine and question whether I should ask to eat theirs because to be honest it’s a waste of food I tell myself. That packet of…..wait it’s gone. There is no off switch for me, just willpower….. Sound familiar?

FATSO gene SNP also influences the choices of food craved, tempting with high calorie, high sugar and fat foods, like cakes, pastries, cheese and fried foods.

With all that in mind my destiny is not to become a couch potato. Genes are not king. We have the ability to influence them this is the field of epigenetics (another topic or read Bruce Lipton the Biology of Belief).

To hack the FATSO gene…. I need to limit my portion size (no second helping). Even using a smaller plate to psychologically trick myself with appearance of a fuller plate.

I also must watch the foods I am eating sticking to, greens, vegetables, wholegrains, with lean meats and seafood. Think ‘Wholefood Diet’ or ‘Mediterranean style diet’. Staying away from higher fat diets like ‘keto’ as FATSO is often paired with SNPs that increase the likelihood of heart disease. Yes I wrote that right, Ketogenic diet is not for everyone, in fact it has the potential to make us incredibly sick… more on that another time.

Fatso Gene is particularly sensitive to exercise, any exercise (low or high intensity). So, aiming for at least 45 minutes a day will dampen this gene down.

My first tips for everyone not just those who may feel they have the FATSO gene.

- Portion control use your plate as a guide.

- Sit to eat your meals and take your time slowly chewing each bite, if I can only eat one plate not the 1.7 plates my stomach tells me I can handle I might as well sit and enjoy it.

- Up your exercise can you aim for at least 45 minutes of movement a day?

- Wholefoods. If what you are eating comes from a packet and contains more than 2 ingredients, its generally not a whole food.

If you need help getting your health goals back on track now is a great time to get in touch.

I also Use Smart DNA testing in my practice as I know the results are sound, they are reproduceable and they have the added kudos of being used in teaching hospitals in Australia.

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