Moon Time

Moon Time

This ladies tea is specially designed to support the emotional and physical wellbeing of women during the most delicate time of the month. Using a blend of herbs that have traditionally been used by herbalists to improve premenstrual and menstrual symptoms, this tea may relax the uterus, reduce pain and cramping, soothe the nerves and dispel irritability.


50 grams
(Approximately 31 servings) 




All ingredients are organic or spray free


    250ml CUP

    • Scoop a heaping tablespoon of tea into infuser.
    • Boil Water.
    • Pour 250ml of water over tea leaves.
    • Steep tea for 5-10 minutes (depending on taste preference).
    • Remove infuser and enjoy tea.


    Simply add to your infuser one heaping tablespoon of leaf per 250ml. of water and place it in your pot, then add the appropriate amount of  water and let it steep for 5 - 10 minutes. Remove the infuser and enjoy.


    Our opinion is that a cooled concentrate works best, as regular-strength brew tends to become watery as the ice melts. So, use the above leaf quantities, but half the water, allow it to cool, then pour it over ice and enjoy! The brew will dilute down to proper strength as the ice melts.

  • Ingredients

    Mugwart, Catnip, Raspberry leaf, Chamomile, Rose, Scullcap, Ginger